Connectors to benefit Pipeline Pre-commissioning Projects

SECC Oil & Gas having launched its new Max Flow Hot Stab at September’s Offshore Europe 2011 in Aberdeen is now able to offer the pipeline pre commissioning market a comprehensive disconnect and maximum flow connection package.

The Max Flow Hot Stab utilises SECC zero head loss technology and is the first straight through bore hot stab. With no angle to the bore, the hot stab delivers clients unprecedented flow levels compared to traditional hot stabs. High flow requirements for hydra testing and other flooding applications can now be met and exceeded allowing contractors and service companies to specify a smaller hot stab than would otherwise be required. This means easier installation into the pipeline for the diver or ROV, more space and lower cost.

The Max Flow Hot Stab teams up with the Mid Line Valved Breakaway to deliver the pipeline pre-commissioning market both high flow performance and emergency disconnect capability. Positioned on an umbilical or downline in any location between the vessel and subsea or topside asset, the Mid Line Valved Breakaway will breakaway away at a pre determined load and self seal should the pumping vessel lose DP.

By automatically disconnecting and self sealing the Mid Line Breakaway Connector removes the need for cutting devices or QCDC systems on the vessel and the associated risk of losing a hose, damaging equipment, costly down time or injuring crew. The environment benefits with a fully pressure balanced disconnection that self seals preventing pollution in the water and exposed chemicals or gas topside.

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