About Us

Matt with EquipmentSECC has developed intellectual property, all related to joining pipes and hoses without the need for threaded connections and has applied it to the worldwide Oil & Gas market.

The company has developed a reputation for producing for clients innovative connection solutions with a high level of quality and customer service. The company focus is applying the unique technology developed by Matt Readman, the inventor and one the founders, to produce connection solutions that will improve operational effectiveness while reducing risk and associated cost.

SECC disconnect and permanent connection systems are full bore, pressure balanced offering subsea operator’s simplicity, reliability and an ease of installation that provides greater connection performance with reduced operating costs through reduced down time, protected equipment and infrastructure together with a pollution free and safer operating environment.



Cygnet Group OfficesBy being part of a larger diverse engineering group the business has been well positioned to quickly grow and become a leading connector exporter to global oil and gas markets. SECC Oil & Gas is part of the Cygnet Group.

Cygnet Group is a diversified group of engineering companies providing bespoke engineered solutions to niche global markets. By investing in the true incubation of ideas for manufactured products, Cygnet bridges the commercial gap between a great idea and a commercially successful mature product. The Cygnet team boasts decades of experience developing and manufacturing products and machinery from metals and plastics and has a strong network of sub-suppliers from fabrication to financial, intellectual property and marketing.

Cygnet’s vision is to develop the group of companies through incubation, acquisition and partnership. Family-owned and controlled, Cygnet combines the flexibility and relationship of a smaller family company with the vision and professionalism of a global corporation, underpinned by the strength of its management team.