In recent years changes to the way well stimulation and work over has been undertaken has meant the reliance of new innovative technology that can deliver operational efficiencies whilst enhancing safety and the environment. The move to rigless and riserless intervention to semi submersibles and more commonly vessels has a resulted in a whole new way to stimulate well across the global oil and gas market.

This crucially minimizes well intervention down-time / work over operations, in the event of support vessel “Drive Off”, giving added protection to deck crew, vessel, subsea infrastructure and prevents environmental damage to the surrounding area.

SECC contribution to this industry has been to offer service companies a range of connection options that provide:

  • Quick Connect & Disconnect Features
  • Full bore, high pressure options
  • Connect & disconnect under pressure
  • Emergency 100% dry disconnection
  • 360° Drive Off Protection
  • Subsea mounted, mid line & vessel positions
  • Coil Tubing and Flexible Interfaces
  • Diver and Diverless

Pipeline Pre-Commissioning


The SECC connector range provides pipeline testing and pre commissioning operators and service companies with connect and disconnect options that will reduce down time and make operations safe and environmentally secure.

The connection and disconnection solution using fully pressure balanced technology are available to provide the following benefits:

  • Self Sealing during connection & disconnection from the pipeline
  • Ability to deal with all fluid types for pre commissioning work such as nitrogen and treated sea water etc
  • Disconnect in a drive off with zero discharge
  • Disconnect from vessel, mid line subsea or from the pipeline
  • Straight through bore—zero head loss for maximum flow
  • Automatic disconnect to protect against vessel drive off or any other emergency

Well Kill / Containment

The recent Macondo spill and the subsequent internal and external compliance requirement has placed a greater emphasis on the need to have a simple and reliable connection system that provides maximum protection for the subsea equipment, infrastructure and the marine environment.

SECC specialises in providing connect and emergency disconnect solutions for all well kill applications involving pumping, fluid transfer operations for well containment. Most Well Kill involves fast response times using vessels to pump from the surface to the subsea well kill module or containment system. Loss of DP provides a real risk to subsea equipment and an even greater risk of pollution. With a range of SECC quick connect and emergency disconnect options flexible enough to suit each project, these risks can be overcome.

SECC full bore connectors will provide high flow fluid transfer with a quick connect / disconnect for all operating environments. In addition, a full range of mid line weak links and subsea mounted emergency disconnects will deliver a compliant and safe well kill containment strategy.

ROV Tooling

Connections for ROV tooling can benefit from utilising technology that increase ROV tooling performance reducing operations time and reducing risk of subsea complications such as failure, locking, breakage and costly period of down time.

SECC ROV tooling connectors can provide solutions that will improve ROV tooling performance and reducing the risk or likelihood of problems subsea. The SECC stabs can provide added value to standard project specification requirements whilst being able to created solution to bespoke non standard projects where other connections types would not be suitable.

High flow – unique patented technology provides straight through bore with zero losses maximising flow whilst also enabling operators to utilise smaller lines to achieve the same flow rates.

Self Sealing – connect under pressure disconnect under pressure. No sea water in the line—no fluid leaked to the sea increases effectiveness compliance and widens ROV capability.