Hot Make Hot Break

Total Subsea Emergency Breakaway Protection

The SECC Hot Make Hot Break subsea coupling allows full emergency breakaway and disconnection protection under working pressure with a 100% no discharge guarantee.

What distinguishes our system from conventional options is the use of pressure-balanced technology to ensure all connectors remain in balance at any pressure and any depth. No internal separation forces are created when the line is internally pressurised and there is no need for additional systems to balance external and internal pressures.

This protects subsea equipment by dispensing with uncontrolled subsea and surface disconnections and the need to use guillotines in an emergency. Instead, pressure lines operating maximum in excess of 15,000 psi can be quickly disconnected — manually or automatically — under full working pressure.

As a result, our technology offers exceptional protection in the event of DP loss or other type of emergency to high-pressure lines — from ¼” to 6” — trailing subsea from any type of vessel.

Mid Line Breakaway Connectors

Flexible, Reliable Disconnect Technology

Our Mid Line Breakaway connectors are full-bore pressure balanced and designed to automatically disconnect when a pre-determined load level is reached.
The unique SECC design features a tension pin which when it breaks allows both bores to seal and the connection to automatically break. This makes it possible for all fluid types to be transferred safely offshore via a fully unobstructed bore at high pressure and at depths of up to 10,000 ft.

The ability to disconnect in this way without crew intervention during vessel drift-off from DP loss or other emergencies protects personnel, equipment and the environment against excessive loads and possible fluid leakage.

Our mid-hose options allow full flexibility to position a disconnect system subsea, marine or topside, and where a mounted disconnect system may not be appropriate for specific subsea or topside projects, ours always will.

Weak Links

Protection of Equipment and the Environment

The SECC Flowline & Pipeline Weak Link Connector is a fully pressure balanced weak link permanently installed subsea and designed to disconnect under a pre-determined load in the event of an excessive or emergency load. The system is full bore and fuly piggable and meets most subsea pipeline / flowline applications. When the connector disconnects, it will do so by closing each end of the rigid or flexible pipe, self-sealing the bore and avoiding breakage, damage and preventing and risk of pollution of fluids into the marine environment.

The connector is commonly used in the mid line positioned. However, the system can be mounted on any subsea equipment or on the vessel.

Following a disconnection the system can be quickly reconnected subsea under pressure without risk of fluid loss and the need to incur significant downtime and cost following an emergency. For required connect and disconnect subsea operations see Applications – Subsea Distribution.

Triple S—Self Sealing Stab

SECC has now produced the first full bore self sealing stab. The Triple S takes the Hot Make Hot Break connector from a single bore to multiple bore (1 – 8 ports) arrangement with a range of ¼”, 3/8”, ½, ¾” bore sizes. This stab is completely self sealing under full working pressure with no fluids discharging and no sea water contamination into the line during connection and disconnection.

No pollution from discharge, no flushing lines, no locking, no down time and no collapsed hoses all means high stab connection performance, full compliance and little or no down time.
With its pressure balanced technology the stab is not constrained by pressure or depth and is suitable for ROV Tooling, fluid injection and controls or alternatively packaged together as light weight stab plates for IWOCs and end terminations for umbilicals and flying leads.

SECC Hot Stab

Standard SECC Hot Stabs available in single, dual or quad port configurations in bore sizes of ¼”, ½”, 1” and 2” with working pressures up to 1034 bar [15’000psi]. The stabs are available in a range of materials and are easily aligned using ROV. Handles can be customised to suit the required application or ROV manipulator. All stabs are designed in accordance with ISO 13628-8 and API 17D.

Max Flow Hot Stab

The SECC Max Flow Hot Stab is a full bore, zero head loss hot stab connector which utilises a unique and patented flow path. The connectors have a straight through bore and can be supplied in bores of ¼”, ½”, 1” and 2” and at pressures up to 1034 bar [15’000psi]. They are available in a range of materials and are easily aligned and locked in position by ROV compatible handles. All Max Flow Hot Stabs are designed in accordance with ISO 13628-8 and API 17D.